10 Effects of Gay Marriage in Society

10 Effects of Gay Marriage in Society

Marriage is a union of a man and a woman. It establishes the right between the man and the woman, and between the spouse and their children. Marriage is also an agreement  between a man and a woman to love one another, as they abide the “till death do us part” pledge. As they marry, they have to procreate, raise and educate their children and live as one family.

The world is now shattered by different issues which can affect morality, family, society and religion. One of these trending issues is the same sex marriage or the gay marriage. 

The gay marriage is really a big bomb that has caught everybody by surprise because of the effects it can give to everybody. For instance, some of these effects that gay marriage can give  to the society are:

1.Considering that a normal family is composed of the father, mother and children, the society will now have difficulty establishing a family where the parents can either both be female or male.

2.The society will have no choice but to give equal rights to the “same sex marriage” couple because as tax payers they should have what other tax payers have or get from the government.

3.Children will be deprived of their right to have a normal mother and father

4.Children raised by same sex marriage will have difficulty to live a normal life

5.Religion, especially Catholic Religion teachings will be violated

6.Their children will be the subject of bullying 

7.Morality will be affected

8.Families of the same sex couples will feel embarrassed and will be the target of ridicule and bullying.

9.Difficult to explain, especially to the children why such marriage took place.

10.Against the conventional way that God has taught us

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