10 Most Beautiful Flowers to Use in Your Wedding

10 Most Beautiful Flowers to Use in Your Wedding

Every girl’s dream is to be the most beautiful bride who’s wearing the most beautiful gown; walk down the aisle decorated with elegant and sophisticated flowers and decorations; and have the most wonderful wedding ever. To start with, you have to have the most beautiful flowers on your wedding day. These top 10 most beautiful flowers that you can use ion your special day is:

•The Rose 
The rose is a symbol of beauty and love. It is also a symbol of emotion, beauty, passion and true love. It comes in different varieties, but there are three main types which can be used in your wedding such as:  Hybrid Tea Roses (sold at your local florist), Spray Roses (Rose having 5 to 10 small heads on each stem) and Garden Roses (expensive and old fashioned variety)

•The Tulip
Versatile Tulip can enrich an elegant wedding setting and more casual venues. It can be a beautiful bouquet to boutonnieres to table arrangements. The three common Tulips are: Dutch Tulips, French Tulips and the Parrot Tulips.

•Calla Lily
Known as the Arum Lily, is a trumpet-shape blossom and a symbol of “magnificent beauty”.

•Lily of the Valley 
Bell-shape florets hang from a thin stem. It is also called “the ladder to heaven”.

It has a big bushy head and intense shades of pink, blue, burgundy and purple. It represents “vanity” in the Victorian language of flowers.

•The Peony
It has a large, full head, strong perfume and bright color.

Can be an alternative to roses and peonies and can be used as a bridal bouquet or bridesmaid nosegays. It is a mild-scented flower which has many blossoms on the stem. 

Victorian meaning is “marital happiness”.

•Sweet Peas
Signifies “lasting pleasure”

•The Gardenia
This flower exudes a sultry, heavy scent.

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