10 most watched TV shows in 2015

10 most watched TV shows in 2015

There are so many TV shows these days that a good choice is very hard to make. Some shows are great but there are others that make you feel that you are wasting your time. In order to make it easier for you we gathered a list with 10 most popular TV shows in 2015.

1.     First on our list is “Empire” which is a drama you should really get to see this year.

2.     Next in our preferences is “The Slap” which is also worth watching with your whole family.

3.     If you want some action you can opt for “Agent Carter”.

4.     Another great option would be “The Odd Couple”.

5.     If you want another family show, you should really try watching “ Fresh Off the Boat”

6.     “12 monkeys” is the next popular TV show we recommend you

7.     You can also try watching “ Backstrom ” if you are in the mood for some mystery.

8.     “Scchitt’s Creek” is yet another popular TV show

9.     Romantics can watch “Man Seeking Woman”

10.                        Last, but not least we can suggest you to watch “Daredevil” if you like the idea of fighting for justice.

You can watch any of the TV shows presented above because we guarantee that these are the best options you have.

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