10 Qualities Women Seek in Men

10 Qualities Women Seek in Men

1.Honesty- Women value trust in a relationship. They want their men to be honest, to tell her the truth, even if the truth hurts.  

2.Sense of Humor- Men should have a sense of humor. They should make her laugh and smile to cheer her up when she’s down and lonely.

3.Ability to Protect- Men should be able to protect her against anything that can cause her harm. Men should always be the Knight in Shining Armor ready to save her from the dragon.

4.Intelligence – Men should be intelligent, smart and should be able to carry a good conversation. 

5.Loyalty- Men should be loyal. He should stick with you through thick and thin. He should not think of other women, especially when he’s with her on a date.

6.Chivalry- He should be a gentleman. He should be able to give her a helping hand in the little thing that she does like opening the door as she passes, help her out of the vehicle and other things which she can do personally

7.Manners and Hygiene- He should be well groomed and clean. His nails   and should be well trimmed. His clothes are clean and smells good

8.Respecting Her Space- Men should allow her to go out with her friends and her family. He should not be possessive. He should respect her and give her space to also do things that she wants to do on her own.

9.Being a First Friend- Men should make her special. He should not only be her lover, he should also be her best friend. 

10.Not Being Clingy and Desperate-Men should not over react to impress a woman and to let her know their intentions. He should not be a stalker who would chase her always.

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