10 Things to check before leaving your house

10 Things to check before leaving your house

Going away for a week or two or just for a few days for a holiday is great. It’s something that the whole family, especially the children would always look forward to. 

However, there are some problems that you should first consider looking into before the much awaited getaway. This also holds true if you left the house unattended, even for a few hours.

You have to remember that a house left unattended is a good target of thieves or other unscrupulous people. It would also be prone to some unexpected incidents like fire. What is then important for you to do is to follow these simple steps before leaving your house. Some of these “must  do” steps are:

1.Unplug television, electric fan, electric oven, flat iron and other electronically driven appliances and devices 

2.Turn off the gas stove and the gas regulator

3.Turn off all lights if you’re leaving the house during daytime; if you’re leaving it at night, see to it that some lights are on in front and at the back or sides.

4.Check on the windows and doors if it is closed

5.Check on your faucets; it should be closed thoroughly.

6.Inform a neighbor or  friend who can visit  your house to check on your mails and check on the house as a whole, leave him your keys in case of emergency 

7.Inform the local police or security guard of the subdivision that you will be away for a few days. 

8.Hide and keep computers, laptops and other handy gadgets and devices away from the windows.

9.Don’t let everybody know that you’ll  be out for days for a vacation

10.Don’t post anything in your social media accounts like Facebook that you’ll be leaving for a vacation.

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