10 Things to Take When Traveling

10 Things to Take When Traveling

1.Credentials- like valid identification cards, Visa, passport and other important documents because this will help identify your personality. 

2.Toiletries- When you travel it is important for you to bring along  bath soap, shampoo, toilet papers, wipes, sanitizer, alcohol and facial cream, sunscreen, etc.

3.Ear Plugs- an important must have so that you will be able to sleep in spite of all the noise in your surroundings.

4.Clothing and Accessories- If you’re going to a cold region, bring along jackets, sweaters, blankets, gloves. If you’re going to a region where weather is hot, bring along light weighted clothes, swimsuits, and other clothes which can keep you cool. 

5.Sleeping Bag- is an important thing to carry if you do not have proper hotel bookings. If you’re planning to stay at the beach or elsewhere, the sleeping bag can provide you the best accommodation if you want to rest and sleep.

6.Electronics and Gadgets- bring along a camera which you can use to record special moments. It is also important to bring extra batteries, chargers to keep you going in places where there is no electricity. A tablet is advisable to bring because it is light weight. You can use this instead of bringing a laptop which is heavier in weight. 

7.First Aid Kit- should contain medicines like paracetamol, analgesic and other medicines in case of emergency. You should also have cotton, antiseptic, and etc.

8.Money, Cash and Currency- bring enough cash/money to spare you the trouble of looking for a bank to withdraw money. 

9.Torch or Flashlight- Important must have if you happen to go to a place where there is no electricity

10.Other Essential Items like compass, map, luggage lock, food, drinking water, biscuits, canned goods, snacks, extra pillows and etc.

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