10 Tips to Improve Your Conversation Skills

10 Tips to Improve Your Conversation Skills

Communication is a two way process which involves two people, the speaker and the listener. They should indulge in a conversation wherein they will understand each other. In the event that the speaker and the listener understand each other after their conversation, they just have a successful conversation.  

Not everybody can be a good speaker or a good conversationalist however; there are many ways that you can do to develop your conversation skills such as:

1.Watches Body Language- “action speaks louder than words”, when you’re talking you have to be aware of your gestures. Some gestures can encourage a good conversation; hence if you’re talking to somebody, you have to take note of the gestures or body movements of your listener as well as your own movements. 

2.Get Rid of Unnecessary Conversation Fillers- When you’re talking drop the “umms” and the “ahhs”. Your  listener might think you’re not serious about what you’re talking 

3.Have a Script for Small Talk and Other Occasions- talk about the common   topics that will get the interest of the person you’re talking 

4.Tell a Story- Aside from talking about common topics, you can tell a short story, that will get the interest of your listener 

5.Ask Questions and Repeat the Other Person’s last few words or phrases. 

6.Put Away the Distractions- turn off mobile phones when you’re talking so 

7.Tailor Your Message to Your Audience- consider the age, sex, and background of the person or people you’ll be talking

8.Be Brief Yet Specific – in talking, go straight to the point so that your listener will understand you.

9.Developing empathy can help others understand you even if you have not yet finished talking

10.Listen, Really Listen- be a good listener

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