10 Ways to Control Your Temper

10 Ways to Control Your Temper

Anger is one of the emotions that people feel. It is a healthy emotion which should be handled positively. It should also be controlled. An uncontrolled anger can only give negative effects which can harm your health and your relationship with the person who has caused your temper to flare up.

There are many reasons why people get angry. Whatever could be the reason, you just have to compose yourself, think twice before you speak or confront somebody. Whatever words that come out of your mouth could be like a poison which will only make the situation worst.

Before bursting up and letting your anger loose, you have to follow some of these ways to hold your temper. 

1.Think- weigh the pros and cons if you’ll flare up
2.Keep calm, express your anger without hurting other people
3.Give yourself time to analyze what happened
4.Do other things that can divert your attention to lessen your anger 
5.Take a deep breath, close your eyes and just be silent 
6.Think of a way that can help resolve the problem which has caused your temper to rise. Stop thinking about what made you angry; this will only make the situation worst.

7.Think of the situation objectively because if you take it personally or subjectively towards the people who have offended you, you’ll never be able to come up with a solution to the problem that has made you angry.

8.Talk or share your thoughts to your friend or other people, it can reduce or minimize your anger

9.Don’t entertain negative thoughts or reaction from your friend whom you have opened up or shared your sentiments.

10.Don’t forget to whisper a prayer for enlightenment and guidance on how you will handle the whole situation.

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