10 Ways to Grow Your Nails Beautifully

10 Ways to Grow Your Nails Beautifully

People judge other people because of what they see in you, in your personal appearance, in your hairstyle, your way of dressing and on how you maintain and take care of your nails. 

They immediately give you their impression based on what they have seen in you. For instance, some people would give you an impression that you’re neat, meticulous or untidy by just looking at your nails. 

While it's true that some don’t give special attention to their nails, there are some people who always give their nails special attention. Some of the ways that you can do to make your nails beautiful are:

1.Never bite your nails, use a nail cutter to trim it

2.File your nails regularly to have the same length, shape and size

3.Drink water and vitamins to make your nails grow fast

4.Avoid eating too many sweets, it can break your nails easily. On the other hand, less sweets can help your nails grow strong and firm

5.Know the type of your nails so that you will know how to take care of it. There are 5 types of nails: dry, brittle, damaged, soft and normal.

6.Clean your nails regularly. Have it manicured or polished. The nail polish can help protect your nails.  If you want to grow your nails longer, use a base coat or strengthener before applying nail polish. This will make your nails stronger. 

7.Use gloves in washing so that the chemicals won’t damage your nails.

8.In pushing the cuticles back, soften it first. Your cuticles serve as protection to stop the infection from getting under the nails.

9.Never use your nails to peel or scratch anything to avoid it from weakening

10.Use moisturizer to keep hands and nails soft always

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