10 Ways to Ruin a Date

10 Ways to Ruin a Date

Dating is a normal thing that happened between a boy and a girl. It could either be a friendly date or a romantic date. Whatever it is, the couple should enjoy each other’s company. However, there are some ways wherein your date did not end up the way you want it to be. Either you or your date could have done something unintentionally that could have ruined your date in spite of all the efforts you’ve tried to make your date exciting and wonderful. 

If you like your date, well and good, you will surely do everything to make it successful, however, if you don’t like your date, you’ll do anything to ruin it. For instance, here are some ways that can ruin your date:

1.Tardiness- don’t keep your date waiting. Being late will already ruin your date even before it has started.

2.Talking about things that your date doesn’t understand like your detailed work in the office or at home;  it will be boring

3.Not paying attention to what your date is telling you, like “you’re physically present but mentally absent”

4.Your cell phone or mobile phones keep on beeping or ringing and your date has to answer every ring and beep. If you’re on a date, better turn off your phones or set it to mute

5.Talking about your ex love or previous dates

6.Your date turns out to be a talker who loves to talk about his achievements, his family and his own self; you’re just the avid listener

7.Your date suddenly announces that he has or she has to leave early

8.You are wearing an uncomfortable dress or clothes

9.You forgot to apply deodorant or forgot to brush your teeth or have sprayed the wrong perfume

10.Trying to have a good sense of humor to look cute and funny, but it turned out that you’re not cute and funny, you’re corny.
If you like to impress your date, never do the 10 ways mentioned above; you can do it though if you don’t like your date.

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