Famous celebrities who do not believe in GOD.

Famous celebrities who do not believe in GOD.

Comments from Casper Fox

I presume that there is a lot of religious people watching this video, so here is my question to you: If god was able to create the whole existence, then why did he give us so little "evidence" (A man written book from 2000 years ago) and then expect us to believe in him? And since he loves us, why would he sent a person not believing in him to a place full if pain, suffering, screaming, burning and fear till the end of time because the person was questioning a MAN WRITTEN BOOK FROM 2000 YEARS AGO! That is a pretty weak "evidence" or a reason to change your life from a person able to create EVERYTHING. Oh, and another thing - god gave us 10 things he does not want us to do - and he just HAPPENED TO FORGET things like: slavery, rape... Sounds like a man made story for me more and more every time.. Please explain me because I don't understand.

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