How to Choose Good Friends

How to Choose Good Friends

“True Friends” are hard to find. These are friends who can stay with us through ups and downs; friends who will always listen to us and friends who can tell us how bad we are or we don’t look good with the new dress or new hairdo.

Well, we meet many people every day. People with different personalities, but can we really say right then and there that one of the people that we have met yesterday or will meet today could be a good friend or a true friend? The answer would be NO.

We choose our friends and to be able to really find the “best among the rest” we have to be very observant and open minded. We have to choose a friend who can bring out the best in us the same way that we can also bring out the best in them.

In choosing a friend we have to consider his background, his family, his personality and his friends or the people he hangs around most of the time. The financial stability of his family need not be considered, what is important is how he values his family and how he takes care and value what his family has given him. For instance, he values his studies and he has high ambition for his own self and his family.

Friendship is a give and take relationship. We give them what they want or do not have. They also give us what we want and do not have. Good friends help each other without waiting for something in return.

We have to choose a friend who can help us differentiate what’s right from wrong and who can tell us frankly, how stupid we are or how good we are without hesitation that he can hurt us.

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