How to seduce your Boyfriend

How to seduce your Boyfriend

In some relationship the boy always dominates and the girl is always submissive. Well, that was the situation years ago, but people change with time. The same way is true in a relationship. 

The girl dominates and the boy is submissive. The girl now makes the first move, especially if her boyfriend is the “boy next door type” and a gentleman.
Girls could be naughty, she would sometimes want to make the first move and to do it, she should do something to seduce her boyfriend. She could start seducing her boyfriend even before her boyfriend fetch her for their date. Some of the “what to do to seduce her boyfriend” are:

1.Text your boyfriend some sexy messages that can describe what you feel about the date and tell him that you’re expecting something new and exciting during the date. 

2.Wear something new like, wear something that your boyfriend will never expect that you could actually wear like a sexy dress or blouse with plunging neckline; wear a new hairstyle. All of these stir the imagination of your boyfriend. He’ll find you attractive and sexy.

3.Your new look will get the attention of the men around you. This can make your boyfriend jealous.

4.Touch him, let your gestures and movement talk. 

5.Tell him you’re happy to be with him and that you’re hoping that the night will last forever

6.Whisper, let him feel the warmth of your lips as it touches his ears or brush his cheeks

7.Make him more jealous by looking around and paying attention to other men like the waiter and male crew

8.Let your eyes talk, give him a provocative look

9.Let him feel that you’d love to spend the night with him

10.Flirt with him

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