How to Spot a Cheating Wife or Husband

How to Spot a Cheating Wife or Husband

The number of years that you’ve been married or you’ve been going steady or living together out of wedlock is not a guaranty that your spouse will be yours forever.
We’re now living in a world where some people no longer believe in the famous line “and they live happily ever after”.

Every relationship is always at risk because either husband or wife is capable of doing something that can ruin their relationship. A loving wife could be suspicious that her husband could be playing around the bush. 

On the other hand, the husband also suspects his loving wife of having an affair. They could be both right and wrong; however, either wife or husband should spot some changes in the behavior of their spouse. Some of these changes are:

1.Ways of dressing changes, if one of them is having an affair with somebody younger, they would surely wear something that will also make them look younger.

2.He or she never left the cell phone on the table. In most cases the cellphone is turned off or the volume is set to mute.

3.The cell phone cannot be opened without the password

4.Always out or stays out late at night because he or she has to work overtime

5.Uses a new perfume or cologne

6.Always has an alibi or excuse to go out on weekends for a seminar, conference or meeting

7.Easily gets irritated or annoyed without any reason,  just to have an excuse to leave the house for fresh air

8.Sleep facing the wall instead of facing his or her spouse.

9.Has no more time for sex, always has an alibi to have sex with the partner

10.Always full, no longer eat dinner at home with the family.

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