Top 10 bags you need to have in 2015

Top 10 bags you need to have in 2015

The fact that women are crazy about their bags is not a secret. Each woman tries to have as many bags as possible and choosing the wrong one might turn out to be a disaster. 

A good and high quality bag is an investment and because of that we though that you could use a hand in picking the greatest bags. Here is a list with 10 bags a woman should own in 2015.

1.     Each woman should have at least one black bag in their wardrobe. If you opt for a designer bag you should make sure that it’s really original.

2.     You should also really try to get a bag that will suit each outfit. Try a neutral color.

3.     You can’t forget about a clutch. Get one that you can use when you are not in the mood for a big bag and you just want something to put your keys, your phone and your lipstick in.

4.     You should also consider an evening bag. Get a very elegant one that will suit every evening outfit.

5.     You also need a chic bag that will suit you casual chic looks. This bag should also be in a neutral color.

6.     You can try opting for a “mailman” bag. It’s a comfortable bag which allows you to carry all the stuff you need when you go out with your friends.

7.     You can consider purchasing a vintage bag as well. These bags never get old.

8.     A boho chic bag should also be an option.
9.     Don’t forget to get a very colored bag as well.
10.                         You also need a very big bag, very easy to wear each day.

Don’t hesitate to purchase all these bags if you want to complete your look.

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