Top 10 movies in 2015

Top 10 movies in 2015

It is not always very easy to identify the best movies that are about to be released on the market. There are some movies that don’t bring anything new in terms of action or special effects. 

In order to be able to see the best movies, we gathered a list with the best movies you can see this year. Whether we are talking about action movies, comedies, SF or horror movies we will give you the best options.

1.     The first movie from our list that is worth seeing is “Star Wars- Episode VII- The force awakens”
2.     The second one in our list is “Spectre” which is expected to come out on the market in October 2015
3.     “Fast and Furios”  is another great option which is expected to come out on April 3rd 2015
4.     “The Avengers” is the next movie from our list which will be released on May 1st 2015
5.     If you need another option you can also choose “Fifty Shades of Grey”
6.     If you want another great movie you can opt for “Poltergeist”
7.     “The Wedding Ringer” is next on our list.
8.     Tak3n is yet another movie worth seeing and it was released on January 9th 2015
9.     “Insurgent” will appear on the market on 20th March 2015
10.                        Last, but not least we have “Mad Max: Fury Road” which will appear on May 15th.

It’s up to you to decide which movie you will see next.

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