Top 10 Scariest Pranks on YouTube

Top 10 Scariest Pranks on YouTube

Some people just love to make fun and bully other people because they just love to do it. They thought of ways to scare other people out of their wits, they want people to look funny and stupid. Well, whatever could be their reason, one thing is sure, they’re one of the world’s greatest bullies. 

There are many scariest pranks recorded and uploaded in YouTube. Top ten of the scariest prank are:

1.Spider Gag Causes Spill- a spider is placed at the entrance where nobody would ever expect to find a hanging spider.

2.Mom’s Pantry Surprise- Mom has no idea that a big surprise is waiting for her the moment she opens the pantry.

3.Closet Airhorn Gets Angry South Paw-A man gets surprised and angry when when opened the closet.

4.New Spider Prank- Now with Web Action- spider crawls to a man reading on the couch, causes the man to jump up and down 

5.Clown Gets a Scream- Person enters the room shouted in fear seeing the clown

6.Creepy Wake Up, Qiuet Scared- teenage boy looks horrified when a masked man woke him up.

7.Meal Worm Cashew Surprise-  lady was shouting seeing worms coming out of the can instead of the cashew      

8.Home Invasion-Flawless Double Prank- lady screams seeing the horrifying creature

9. Pig Masks Makes Guy Sings Soprano-man yelled in a high soprano voice when he saw a person who looks like a pig as he enter the room

10.She has Reasons to Be Suspicious-lady got scared seeing a white young lady coming out of their dining room.

These top ten scariest pranks on YouTube can really make you run and shout while giving the prank a wonderful laugh. There are still many scariest pranks that you will enjoy watching. 

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