Top 10 Tricks to Fall Asleep

Top 10 Tricks to Fall Asleep

Some people can easily get to sleep. They can sleep fast the moment their head touches their pillows. However, there are also people who have a hard time in getting to sleep. 

They toss and turn on their bed to be able to get to sleep. They try to think of things that can make them go to sleep like count sheeps or stare at the ceiling. There are some tips that can help you fall asleep easily, these are: 

1.Take a shower or a warm bath before going to bed. It can help you relax and can keep your body cool.

2.Wear comfortable clothes like light cool pajamas, loose shorts and shirts. This can make you feel comfortable as you sleep. Wearing tight and hard clothes will make you uncomfortable.

3.Turn off TV, computers and other devices in your room so that you will not be tempted to watch TV or play the computers.

4.Keep Cool- sleeping in a cool room can help you sleep faster and better. The ideal room temperature for sleeping is 65 degrees. 

5.Drink soothing beverages like herbal tea or a glass of milk. It can help relax your body and help you wind down.

6.Read a book, tire your eyes, this can really help you get to sleep easily.

7.Relax your body, do stretching or yoga.

8.Relax your mind- free your mind of problems, worries and other things or activities to do. Instead, think of a peaceful place; a garden or field or beach. 

9.Use quality beddings, comfortable mattress, soft sheets and comforter.  Smooth, quality bedding can help relax your body to fall asleep.

10.Don’t drink beverages that can affect your sleep like caffeine and alcohol. Also avoid drinking too much water before sleeping.

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