Top 10 Weird Things That You do Before You Sleep

Top 10 Weird Things That You do Before You Sleep

All of us have our daily routine which we follow the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we close our eyes for the Goodnight sleep in the evening. However, most of the time we made some variations in some of our daily activities or routines. 

Well, one reason for doing it is to have something new and exciting to follow. For instance, before we sleep, we have our routine, but in some instances, we tried doing weird and unusual things before we sleep such as:

1.Take Selfie pics- You’re already tucked in bed but you still manage to take selfie pics

2.Place a gel on the hair- Applying a gel on your hair before getting to bed. It’s Weird! The gel won’t serve its purpose.

3.Apply a makeup- maybe you want to dream you’re sleeping beauty, hence, you put on a makeup before going to sleep. 

4.Dance- You want to go to sleep, but before getting on your bed you start to dance and hop.

5.Eat- You don’t want to gain weight, hence, you have to eat dinner early because you should no longer eat after dinner until you go to sleep, that can keep you trim. However, from out of the blue, instead of tucking yourself to bed, you eat nourishing yourself with a hearty midnight snack.  

6.You put some clothes in the dryer and turn the dryer on

7.You start putting on some clothes, trying to fit those dresses which you have not worn for months or years

8.Get a microphone and start singing when the whole world is already silent

9.Start taking pictures of other members of the family who are already sleeping. 

10.Get a broom and a duster  and start cleaning the house 

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