Top Home Remedies for Acne

Top Home Remedies for Acne

One of the most common skin problem teenagers encounter as they grow up is acne. Acne appears on your face, neck, back and shoulders. It is not a serious skin problem, but it can cause emotional pain as it leaves the skin a mark or a scar. There are different treatments for acne. It can either be handled by a skin specialist or you can handle it using natural remedies.

These natural remedies include:

1.Baking Soda- helps get rid of breakouts and it reduces infection. It is can remove dead skin cells; minimize old scars or acne marks. To use it, make a paste of Baking Soda by mixing it with warm water. 

2.Apple Cider- has antibacterial and antifungal properties. To use it, you have to dilute a few teaspoons with water before applying to your face.

3.Coconut Oil- is antibacterial and antifungal. It can also be used as a skin moisturizer. 

4.Tea Tree Oil- is antibacterial. You can mix it with water and can be applied directly to the skin.

5.Egg Whites- can be used as a facial mask to treat acne. It minimizes the oil and the pores. You can apple the egg whites to the skin, leave it for a few minutes until your skin tightens. 

6.Lemon Juice- is a natural antibacterial and astringent that can clear the skin.  

7.Garlic- is a great natural antibacterial when eaten or applied on the skin.

8.Ice Cubes- Rub an ice cube on affected areas to reduce infection. Cold water can close pores and forces the bacteria to get out of the skin.

9.Cornstarch – is gentle and can soothe the skin. It can give remedy to redness and skin irritation. 

10.Aloe – can reduce redness and infection as it soothes the skin.

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