12 year Old Girl Cries Sharp Crystals

12 year Old Girl Cries Sharp Crystals

Do you believe in Miracles? Well, miracles still happen even if we’re already living in a highly technical world and

that global warming or global changes has post a big problem in everybody’s life.

Talking about miracles, you should look at this particular video which has caught everybody by surprise when they saw

what happened to the 12 years old girl from Lebanon. What happened to the little girl can’t be explained and

justified even if some people already use the scientific way of solving a problem.

This little girl from Lebanon, who is only 12 years old, is Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani. She has been considered a big

mystery because dangerous sharp crystals can be seen coming out from her eyes. The sharp crystal was very sharp like

a broken glass but what amazes everybody is that the sharp crystal never hurt the eyes of the little girl.

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