Be aware. two filipino died due to milk tea poisoning. Must watch.

Be aware. two filipino died due to milk tea poisoning. Must watch.

 I agree with the Doctor who said that it was Organophosphate that killed them. Let me elaborate. I will use the initials OP for organophosphate. So What is OP? OP is basically the main ingredient used in pesticides and is HIGHLY TOXC specially to children or to those with a weak immune system. Its use has been banned or controlled to small dosages specially in the US. 

That's how toxic OP is. I believe that the OP here was intentionally administered either in the cups or in the milk mixture, we need to wait a little for the story to develop to determine this.

When ingested, the effects of OP will include but are not limited to:

-respiratory failure

All symptoms were evident on the victims as per this report.


To those who are thinking that it was the "bad milk" in the milk tea that killed them and that people should be afraid or refrain from buying milk teas, I believe you are wrong. Why? First of all, rotten milk smells well, it smells rotten. The owner or the customers should have complained of that but they didn't. They complained of a "salty" taste wherein rotten milk obviously tastes sour, think yogurt-ish sour.

I myself go to my favorite milk tea shop not to buy milk tea, but a fruit yogurt shake which I love dearly.

Will this video stop me from going there? NO

should you be afraid or stop going there? That totally depends on you. However, always exercise caution when trying out a new shop or product.


patay ang bumili at may ari ng tindahan ng milk tea
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