Best Zombie Prank of all time. Must watch!

Best Zombie Prank of all time. Must watch!

This video is a zombie prank. 

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@madeihan I'm sorry but that was complete madness! It might be funny for us but say the people that were getting pranked they could have been a heart patient or pregnant even, this kind of shock would cause them distress, what if they had a weapon? They could even cause harm to the actors doing the prank, someone's going to get injured one day because of these jokes.

@gustavo Si a mi me pasara yo los demando , esa broma supera el LIMITE del humor . Me pregunto que hubiese pasado si alguna de esas personas tuviera algún problema cardiaco o algún trastorno psicologico ? ... IRRESPONSABLES los de la estúpida idea esta.

that joke exceeds the limit of humor. I wonder what would have happened if some of those people i had a heart problem or some disorder psychological level? ... the irresponsible of the stupid idea this.

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Wow!!! Esta broma esta muy fuerte!!! No creen que se les fue la mano??
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