How to Avoid Being Super Talkative

How to Avoid Being Super Talkative

Avoid personal references - "I", "me", "my", and personal experiences are usually boring to others and can keep you going for a long time.

Ask questions and find out information.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Get an opinion.

There are simple rules that you should keep in mind before and when speaking. It's a basically a guide to when to keep your mouth shut. Remember to stop speaking if the following happens:
  • If they're not paying attention or talking to someone else
  • If the story is a long one and nobody asked to hear it
  • If you got the story from the internet
  • If you're talking about your dreams or work
  • The person seems bored or uninterested
  • The person is looking at their phone, tablet, or computer
  • The person is working
  • You're talking too fast
  • You're the only one laughing

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