Little Boy Cried After Saying Goodbye to His Best Friend Fish Will Break Your Heart

Little Boy Cried After Saying Goodbye to His Best Friend Fish Will Break Your Heart 

Saying “good-bye” is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you know that you won’t be seeing each other, when there is “no more next time” or “till we meet again”. It’s also painful because you know that “goodbye means forever” and not what other people have said that “goodbye doesn’t mean forever”. Feeling of sadness would creep on us as we bid goodbye to somebody. 

Young and old alike feel sad to part ways even with things that they have grown so fond of. This feeling of sadness spares no one because even little boys and girls feel sad for whatever reason. Little boys and girls have some things that they have grown so fond of and has considered them a part of their life. It could be a toy, a teddy bear, a pillow or throw pillow, a dress or just anything that they can associate as part of their growing up. 

It could also be a pet dog, fish, cat or bird. Whatever it is, the time will come that these precious things and pets will be taken away from you for whatever reasons. When this time comes, everything will not be the same again. The moment goodbyes are made or even before goodbyes are said everything won’t be easy. This is especially true when parents have a hard time explaining to their children why they have to say goodbye and part ways with the things that are so dear to them. 

Saying goodbye is really heartbreaking, especially if you’re telling it to your best friend, somebody close to you or even to your favorite pet. I never imagined a little boy could cry with all his heart when his pet fish was gone after flushing the toilet bowl. Seeing him cry and sob has also touched my heart.

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