The Angelic Voice of Gerphil Flores Made David Foster hit the Golden Buzzer in Asia's Got Talent

The Angelic Voice of Gerphil Flores Made David Foster hit the Golden Buzzer in Asia's Got Talent 

Having been given a chance to perform in “Asia’s Got Talent” is a dream come  true to every singer or dancer or anybody who has a special talent. But, being considered and acclaimed by the honorable judges as winner of the night after they gave their “YES” is very inspiring to move on and perform much better in the next level. 

However, if one of the judges hit the Golden Buzzer for your fabulous performance is more than a dream come true  and something that can really give you a great inspiration and a big push to make it to the top. What makes it more exciting is that the Golden Buzzer was hit by Mr David Foster!

It was indeed a special night and a night that every Filipino will always treasure because a Filipino performer has been given a big “Yes” and was acclaimed by Mr David Foster. Everybody was amazed and mesmerized when Gerphil Flores sang the famous song “Speak Softly Love”. It was a song popularized by Andy Williams and was used as the theme song of the movie “The Godfather”. 

Gerphil Flores’ angelic voice has really captured the hearts of all the viewers when she was singing. Everybody was really amazed by her splendid performance. Everybody was impressed and it can be seen in the expression of their faces. Even the judges have shown their admiration, while Gerphil Flores was singing. Everybody gave her a standing ovation when she finally finished her outstanding performance.

Watching Gerphil Flores performance in the video during that unforgettable night has also made me proud of her. She has also given inspiration to other Filipino singers to perform and sing better and that anybody will always have a room in the “Asia’s Got Talent”
Gerphil Flores has proven to the whole world that Filipinos  have exceptional talents especially in singing. She has shown the whole world that Filipinos are great performers. 

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