Watch this DOG do a ballet professionally. AMAZING VIDEO

watch this dog do a ballet professionally. AMAZING VIDEO

Bobbie Lee This is beautiful and made me cry....please don't ever call them "dumb" animals...they are far from it!! I love this!!

Tamsin Silver I showed this to my Aussie last week and told him he was not living up to his potential. 

Gloria Browning My cat does that with me

Brian Shortt Impressive most impressive

Gail McMahon Amazing!! Trained with love not fear I bet...

Trish Lavin O'Meara Omg how amazing to remember the whole routine is just mind blowing love it..!!!

Renae Dawson Wow now that's what you call a loyal dog and a great companionship between both dog and owner. Well done 

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If you thought a dog couldn't do ballet...get ready to be proved wrong. This is incredible.
Posted by iVillage Australia on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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