What this mother did to her daughter's killer will truly shock you

What this mother did to her daughter's killer will truly shock you

Nothing can be so painful and heartbreaking than a mother losing her daughter. What could be worse here is the way her daughter died helplessly. Her daughter was accidentally shot by her friend and fellow student and that makes it very difficult for a mother to accept.

Ady Guzman-De Jesus is the mother of Lourdes Guzman-De Jesus, 13 year old who was unintentionally shot by Jordyn Howe, 15 years old, inside the school bus. Both Lourdes and Jordyn were on their way home. 

After two long years the case of Jordyn Howe was finally heard in the court. Jordyn disclosed what happened which lead to the death of Lourdes. Jordyn told the court that he brought his father’s pistol to school to display it to his friends. While inside the bus on their way home, he tried to shoot the ground, however, the pistol didn’t release. He then tried another shot and this time he aimed the pistol jokingly to his friend Lourdes. The pistol released hitting Lourdes, who died right then and there.

What happened to her 13 year old daughter has caused too much pain to Ady. When the case was brought to court, Ady was really determined to punish and have Jordy brought to jail. During the hearing, Jordyn pleaded guilty after telling everybody what really happened. Jordyn’s charges include manslaughter with a dangerous weapon, illegal possession of firearm by a minor and carrying a concealed weapon.

What happened after Jordyn Howe pleaded guilty caught everybody by surprised. Everybody in the court was speechless and couldn’t believe that Ady hugged Jordyn Howe,  the person who killed her daughter. Even Jordyn was surprised by the gesture or the hug Ady gave him. The only words that he was able to say softly to Ady was “I’m Sorry”.  

Nobody, even the judge can find a possible explanation what prompted Ady to forgive Jordyn Howe. When Ady delivered her speech she mentioned that if her daughter Lourdes was here in the court with her,  Lourdes would have also told her to forgive Jordyn.  Ady said that Jordyn will not go to prison, but will attend sessions in the Juvenile Rehabilitation Academy for one year. He will also talk in different schools about the dangers  in carrying firearms. 

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